Section AA:Paperback Editions, Penguin

In 2001, the Addendum to the McIlvaine Bibliography added the new Section AA, devoted to paperback editions of Wodehouse works.

There are innumerable paperback publications. The Collection’s scope is limited to the earliest Penguin paperback editions and Ionicus-illustrated editions of Wodehouse titles. In the early years of paperbacks, Penguin was the most prolific publisher of Wodehouse and the cover styles and illustrations are iconic.

It is worth noting that in 1939, Penguin USA was established by Ian and Betty Ballantine by importing British editions of Penguin paperbacks, starting with The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells and My Man Jeeves by P.G.Wodehouse.

Because of the importance of Penguin to the Wodehouse canon, the Addendum has treated Penguin paperbacks more comprehensively than paperbacks by other publishers, though no separate listing was given for titles published only by Penguin USA.

The Wodehouse Penguin items sought for Section AA of the Collection are:

The items in this database were originally listed and assigned McIlvaine numbers in Sections A (Novels and Semi-autobiographical) B (Omnibus) and H (About Wodehouse) in order of publication date.

With publication of the new Section AA, a new system of numbers for that Section was assigned. Using AAan31 as an example, “AA” signifies a paperback publication of a title in Section A (Novels and Semi-autobiographical Works.) The letters “an” signify Penguin was the publisher, and the “31” that follows is the number associated with the source novel, Leave it to Psmith.

In this Section, AAan31 refers to that title. The database lists publication of four different cover types for that that title---A B F and N.

The Condition column of the database for Section AA indicates which titles have been donated thus far, and which of those were first Penguin publications.

While many later Penguins editions of these titles exist, the Collection seeks the earliest editions of titles and cover types as listed in this database. Some of the items initially donated are not the earliest Penguin publication of that title, or in the best condition.

We welcome donations that will upgrade an existing title to a first Penguin publication or a better condition, or will add an item that has not been donated as yet.

Additional Notes

Only one item collected in Section AA has a dust wrapper. If you know of additional early Penguins that were issued with dust wrappers, we are interested in information about, or donations of same.

The title Summer Moonshine is listed in the McIlvaine Addendum Section AA as having been published with a Type D (no orange stripe) Geoffrey Salter-illustrated cover. We are unable to confirm that such an edition was published and would be interested in information about this edition.

Of special note is a Penguin item in Section U: Ephemera and Collectibles: The Crime Wave at Blandings, First Edition of the short story in the Penguin Mini Modern Classics format, 11 x 16 cm., paperback. It was published in 2011 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Modern Classics, when Penguin published fifty “Mini Modern Classics of the very best short fiction by writers” which included this short story by P. G. Wodehouse.

Also of interest in Section AA are two box sets of Ionicus-illustrated paperbacks: The Immortal World of Wodehouse and Life at Blandings, each containing five separately published novels. The latter box set should not be confused with the Omnibus volume of the same name, which includes Something Fresh, Summer Lightning, and Heavy Weather.

Table of Contents

A: Original Design — Three Horizontal Stripes, No Illustration

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan22My Man Jeeves *with dust jacket7th PrintingSep 1938F-Penguin #27 * Has Good Dust Jacket Only late 30s Penguins had jackets
AAan30The Inimitable Jeeves1st Penguin1953GPenguin #933
AAan31Leave It To Psmith1st Penguin1953G+Penguin #936
AAan41Summer LightningPenguin #995 First Penguin printing was 1954
AAan43Big Money1st Penguin1953VG-Penguin #937
AAan52Right Ho, Jeeves1st Penguin1953GPenguin #934
AAan53Blandings Castle and Elsewhere1st Penguin1954VG-Penguin #985
AAan54The Luck of the BodkinsPenguin #986 First Penguin printing was 1954
AAan60The Code of the WoostersPenguin #935 First Penguin printing was 1953
AAan61Uncle Fred in the Springtime1st Penguin1954VGPenguin #971
AAan63Quick Service1st Penguin1954G+Penguin #974

B: Salter Design — Two Vertical Orange Stripes

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan16The Little Nugget1st Penguin1959VGPenguin #1371
AAan17The Man Upstairs and Other Stories3rd Printing1962VGPenguin #1272
AAan19Uneasy Money2nd printing1960VG-Penguin #1273
AAan21The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories1st Penguin1961VG-Penguin #1601
AAan24A Damsel in Distress1st Penguin1961VG-Penguin #1599
AAan27The Clicking of Cuthbert1st Penguin1962VGPenguin #1772
AAan30The Inimitable Jeeves4th Printing1961VG-Penguin #933
AAan31Leave it to PsmithPenguin #936
AAan34Carry on Jeeves3rd Printing1961VGPenguin #1174
AAan38Meet Mr. MullinerPenguin #1875
AAan41Summer Lightning3rd Printing1962FPenguin #995
AAan42Very Good, JeevesPenguin #995
AAan43Big MoneyPenguin #937
AAan46Doctor Sally3rd Printing1962VG-Penguin #1370
AAan52Right Ho, JeevesPenguin #934
AAan53Blandings Castle and ElsewherePenguin #985
AAan54The Luck of the Bodkins2nd Printing1962VGPenguin #986
AAan56Laughing Gas2nd Printing1959VG-Penguin #1172
AAan60The Code of the WoostersPenguin #935
AAan61Uncle Fred in the SpringtimePenguin #971
AAan63Quick ServicePenguin #994
AAan66Full Moon1st Penguin1961VG-Penguin #1652
AAan69The Mating Season3rd Printing1961VGPenguin #1171
AAan73Pigs Have Wings3rd Printing1961VG-Penguin #1170

C: Salter Design — One Horizontal Orange Stripe

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan26Indiscretions of Archie1st Penguin1963VGPenguin #2016
AAan32Ukridge1st Penguin1964F+Penguin #2205
AAan36The Heart of a Goof1st Penguin1963VG-Penguin #2048
AAan47Hot Water1st Penguin1963G+Penguin #2049
AAan64Money in the Bank1st Penguin1964VG-Penguin #2204
AAan83Jeeves in the Offing1st Penguin1963VG-Penguin #2047

D: Salter Design — No Orange Stripe

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan19Uneasy Money
AAan24A Damsel in Distress
AAan38Meet Mr. Mulliner1st Penguin1962VGPenguin #1815
AAan38Meet Mr. Mulliner2nd Printing1967GPenguin #1815 contains library pocket of private collection of donor
AAan68Uncle Dynamite

E: T.V. Tie-in

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan30The Inimitable Jeeves
AAan34Carry On, Jeeves
AAan42Very Good, Jeeves4th Printing1966VG-Penguin #1173, cover: Ian Carmichael as Bertie, 1st Penguin with this cover
AAan52Right Ho, Jeeves
AAan60The Code of the Woosters
AAan69The Mating Season
AAan83Jeeves in the Offing
AAan86Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves2nd Printing1967G+Penguin #2479, cover: Dennis Price as Jeeves

F: T.V. Tie-in

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan31Leave It To Psmith
AAan41Summer Lightning
AAan50Heavy Weather1st Penguin1966VGPenguin #2559 cover: Lord Emsworth, Empress
AAan53Blandings Castle and Elsewhere
AAan57Lord Emsworth and Others1st Penguin1966VG-Penguin #2568 cover: Lord Emsworth (Ralph Richardson)
AAan61Uncle Fred in the Springtime
AAan66Full Moon
AAan85Service with a Smile1st Penguin1966VG-Penguin #2532 cover: Lord Emsworth, Beach, Empress
AAan88Galahad at Blandings1st Penguin1966FPenguin #2570 cover: Lord Emsworth

G: T.V. Tie-in

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan50Heavy Weather
AAan68Uncle Dynamite

H: Williams Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan59Summer Moonshine1st Penguin1966VGPenguin #2547; cover illustration by Pat Williams

I: Lindstrom Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan76Performing Flea1st Penguin1961VG-Penguin #1600 inc.1st book pub. of Berlin Broadcasts, not in P. Flea HC ed.

M: McSweeney Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan12cMike and Psmith9th Printing1990VGOversize Penguin paperback, 5"x7.75"
AAan12eMike at Wryken

N: Ionicus Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan3Tales of St. Austin's
AAan14Psmith in the City3rd Printing1975N
AAan15cPsmith Journalist2nd Printing1971N
AAan16The Little Nugget3rd Printing1978N
AAan17The Man Upstairs and Other Stories4th Printing1978VG
AAan18Something Fresh1st Penguin1979N1st Ionicus
AAan19Uneasy Money5th Printing1978VG
AAan20Piccadilly Jim2nd Printing1972N
AAan21The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories3rd Printing1983VG+
AAan24A Damsel in Distress
AAan26Indiscretions of Archie3rd Printing1977N
AAan29The Adventures of Sally
AAan30The Inimitable Jeeves9th Printing1973F
AAan31Leave it to Psmith
AAan32Ukridge2nd Printing1973VG1st Ionicus
AAan34Carry On, Jeeves8th Printing1973VG
AAan35Sam the Sudden2nd Printing1978N
AAan36The Heart of a Goof2nd Printing1972F-1st Ionicus
AAan37The Small Bachelor
AAan38Meet Mr. Mulliner
AAan41Summer Lightning7th Printing1981N
AAan41Summer Lightning1971VG1st Ionicus
AAan42Very Good, Jeeves9th Printing1975N
AAan43Big Money2nd Printing1973N1st Ionicus
AAan46Doctor Sally3rd Printing1975N1st Ionicus
AAan47Hot Water2nd Printing1978VG
AAan48Mulliner Nights1st Penguin1971VG+1st Ionicus
AAan50Heavy Weather3rd Printing1978VG-
AAan52Right Ho, Jeeves7th Printing1973F
AAan53Blandings Castle and Elsewhere4th Printing1975N
AAan54The Luck of the Bodkins3rd Printing1973N1st Ionicus
AAan55Young Men in Spats1st Penguin1971N1st Ionicus
AAan56Laughing Gas
AAan57Lord Emsworth and Others2nd Printing1973F1st Ionicus
AAan59Summer Moonshine2nd Printing1972N1st Ionicus
AAan60The Code of the Woosters11th Printing1978VG
AAan61Uncle Fred in the Springtime5th Printing1976VG-
AAan62Eggs, Beans and Crumpets1st Penguin1971N1st Ionicus 1971 Penguin not in McI. 1st Peng. listed in McIlvaine is 1976
AAan63Quick Service2nd Printing1972N1st Ionicus
AAan64Money in the Bank
AAan66Full Moon3rd Printing1975VG
AAan67Spring Fever2nd Printing1972N
AAan69The Mating Season5th Printing1971VG1st Ionicus 1971 reprint not listed in McIlvaine
AAan73Pigs Have Wings5th Printing1971VG1st Ionicus 1966 reprint not listed in McIlvaine
AAan81Cocktail Time
AAan83Jeeves in the Offing8th Printing1977N
AAan85Service with a Smile2nd Printing1971N1st Ionicus 1966 1st Peng.not in McI. 1st Peng.listed in McIlvaine is 1971
AAan86Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves2nd Printing1975VG
AAan88Galahad at Blandings4th Printing1979N
AAan90Company for Henry1st Penguin1980VG+
AAan91Do Butlers Burgle Banks?3rd Printing1983FFirst published by Penguin 1979
AAan92A Pelican at Blandings1st Penguin1980F1st Ionicus
AAan93The Girl in Blue
AAan94Much Obliged, Jeeves4th Printing1984F-
AAan95Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin1st Penguin1974N1st Ionicus
AAan96Bachelors Anonymous1st Penguin1975N1st Ionicus
AAan97Aunts Aren't Gentlemen2nd Printing1977F

N: Ionicus Design Box Sets

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan 60 52 42 34 30The Immortal World of Wodehouse 5 novelsBox, 3 Illustrations: front, back, spine
AAan 66 88 50 31 61Life at Blandings 5 novelsBox, 3 Illustrations: front, back, spine

O: Riddell Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
not in Peng. p/b Add.A Gentleman of Leisure3rd Printing1991GThird printing of the first Penguin publication of McIlvaine #A13b
AAan39Money for Nothing
AAan44If I Were You
AAan78French Leave
AAan100Sunset at Blandings1st Penguin1990F-

P: Hitch Design

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
AAan51Thank You, Jeeves
AAan65Joy in the Morning
AAan74Ring for Jeeves
AAan77Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

Omnibus Volumes

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
Ban19Vintage Wodehouse1st Penguin1979F+1st Ionicus also listed in MicIlvaine as # B19a2
Ban21Life at Blandings1st Penguin1979VG1st Ionicus, First Edition of this title, McI.description incorrectly says 1981
Ban22Wodehouse on WodehouseMcIlvaine #B22a2
Ban24Life with Jeeves (The Ionicus cover is desired.)McIlvaine #B24a1 The First Edition of this title was the Penguin 1981 edition
Ban35The Pothunters and Other Stories2nd Printing1987NMcIlvaine #B35a1
Ban36The Gold Bat and Other Stories2nd Printing1986NMcI. Add.#B36a1
Ban52Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best2nd Printing1992VGMcI. Add. #B52a1
Ban54Imperial Blandings1st Penguin"1st ed. 1992"VG1st Ionicus, First Edition of title, McI. Add. #B54a1, this copy in VU Section B
Ban55UncleFred-An Omnibus6th Printing1992NMcI. Add. #B55a1, this copy in VU Section B as #B55a1
Ban56The World of PsmithMcI. Add. #B56a1
Ban67*The World of Mr. Mulliner* Original McIlvaine Add.# was B66a1
Ban68*What Ho!* Original McIlvaine Add.# was B67a2
Ban69*Jeeves and Wooster-An Omnibus* Original McIlvaine Add.# was B68a1

About Wodehouse

McIlvaine #TitleFirst PenguinReprint/ReissueDateConditionNotes
Han38A Penguin Wodehouse Companion R. UsborneFirst Penguin printing was 1988
not in Peng. p/b Add.Wodehouse at Work to the End R. Usborne1st Penguin1978F* Original McIlvaine # was H41