Section B: Omnibus Volumes

Section B includes collections of novels, short stories and plays previously published in book form, and anthologies of short stories edited by Wodehouse/Scott Meredith.

The goal for this Section is to acquire the earliest U.K. and U.S. publications of a title, plus second editions or revisions if they are different from the first edition/issue.

The first part of the Section B database lists titles with the original McIlvaine Bibliography number. If a “first printing” is so stated in a book, or in the case of more recent books, is indicated by a number or letter string, the notes section of that title entry will say “First Printing” or “First Edition.”

In the second part of the Section B database, devoted to titles listed in the McIlvaine Addendum, the assigned McIlvaine number adds an additional numeral “1” at the end to indicate a First Edition/First Issue of a title.

Several of the titles listed in Section B were first published in paperback format, and are so noted.

The Edition, Dust Wrapper and Condition Guidelines that apply to Section B will be found on the homepage.

Several paperback omnibus volumes published by Penguin can be found in Section AA: Paperback Editions, Penguin. The McIlvaine numbers for those items begin with “Ban”.

This Section’s database lists some newer Post-Addendum titles published after the McIlvaine Bibliography and Addendum. It is envisioned that Omnibus titles will continue to be published.

We are interested in learning of new omnibus titles. Contact the Project Leader to learn if the new title is desired for the Collection.

Titles in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #TitleCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
B1aJeeves OmnibusUKG1931Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , LondonFirst Edition, UK First Printing
B1bThe World Of JeevesUKVGVG-1967Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , London1st Printing of 2nd Edition of "Jeeves Omnibus" B1a
B1b8The World of JeevesUSG+N/A1973Manor Books Inc., New York1st Edition, 90th Birthday Edit. ppb. Stories 1-17 of #B1b
B1b9All About JeevesUSG+N/A1976Manor Books Inc., New York1st Edition, 90th Birthday Edit. ppb. Stories 18-34 of #B1b
B2aNothing But WodehouseUS1932Doubleday, Doran & Co. Inc. Garden City, N.Y.
B3aMethuen’s Library Of HumourUKVG*1934Methuen & Co. Ltd., LondonFirst Edition, UK * Facsimile dust wrapper
B4aA Century Of HumourUKG+1934Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.First Edition, UK
B5aMulliner OmnibusUKG+1935Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , LondonFirst Edition, Uk First printing stated
B5bThe World Of Mr. MullinerUK1972Barrie & Jenkins, LondonSecond English Edition, Enlarged edition of B5a
B5cThe World Of Mr. MullinerUS1974Taplinger Publishing Co., New YorkFirst American Issue
B6aThe Week-End WodehouseUS1939Doubleday, Doran & Co . Inc., New York
B6bWeek-End WodehouseUKVG-1939Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , LondonFirst English Edition
B7aWodehouse On GolfUS1940Doubleday, Doran & Co. Inc., New York
B8aThe Best Of WodehouseUS1949Pocket Books, Inc., New York
B9aThe Best Of Modern HumorUS1951Medill Mcbride Company, Inc., New York
B10aThe Week-End Book Of HumorUSVG+VG1952Ives Washburn, Inc. , New YorkFirst American Edition
B10bThe Week-End Book Of HumourUK1954Herbert Jenkins, LondonFirst English Edition
B11aSelected StoriesUS1958The Modern Library
B12aThe Most Of P. G. WodehouseUSVGG+1960Simon and Schuster, New YorkFirst Edition, US First Printing
B13aA Carnival Of Modern HumorUSVG-VG-1967Delacorte Press, New YorkFirst Edition, US First Printing
B13bA Carnival Of Modern HumourUK1968Herbert Jenkins, LondonFirst English Issue
B14aThe Golf OmnibusUK1973Barrie & Jenkins London
B14bThe Golf OmnibusUS1973Simon and Schuster, New YorkFirst American Issue
B15aThe World Of PsmithUKFF1974Barrie & Jenkins, LondonFirst Edition, UK
B16aThe World Of UkridgeUKNN/A1975Barrie & Jenkins, Communica-EuropaFirst Edition, UK
B17aThe World Of BlandingsUKF-VG+1976Barrie & Jenkins, Communica-Europa
B18aJeeves, Jeeves, Jeeves - Three NovelsUSG+N/A1976Avon Books, New YorkFirst Edtion, US First Printing, Paperback
B19aVintage WodehouseUKFF1977Barrie & Jenkins, Communica-EuropaFirst Edition, UK
B20aThe Swoop! And Other StoriesUSF-F-1979The Seabury Press, New YorkThe Swoop also pub. in Heineman 1983 #A11a facsimile
B21aLife At Blandings (Something Fresh, Summer Lightning and Heavy Weather)UKVGN/A1979Penguin Books Ltd. HarmondsworthFirst Edition, UK Ccpyright Page says 1981, Mclvaine text says 1979, also listed in collection Section AA #Ban21
B22aWodehouse On Wodehouse (Bring On The Girls, Performing Flea, Over Seventy)UKNN1980Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney etc.First Edition, UK
B23aWodehouse On CrimeUSNN1981Ticknor & Fields, New Haven and New YorkFirst Edition, US First Printing
B24aLife With Jeeves (Right Ho, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves and Very Good, Jeeves)UK1981Penguin Books Ltd. HarmondsworthPaperback
B25aTales From The Drones ClubUKNN1982Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney, etc.First Edtion, UK
B26aFive Complete Novels (The Return of Jeeves, Bertie Wooster Sees It Through, Spring Fever, The Butler Did It, The Old Reliable)USNN1983Avenel Books, New YorkFirst Edition, US First Printing
B27aFour Plays (The Play’S The Thing, Good Morning Bill, Leave It To Psmith, Come On Jeeves)UKVGVG1983Methuen, London
B28aThe World Of Uncle Fred (Uncle Fred Flits By, Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Uncle Dynamite, Cocktail Time)UKNN1983Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney, etc.First Edition, UK
B29aFORE! The Best Of Wodehouse On GolfUSNN1983Ticknor & Fields, New Haven and N.Y.First Edition, US First Printing
B30aWodehouse NuggetsUK1983Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney, etc.
B30bWodehouse NuggetsUSNN1983James H. Heineman Inc., New YorkFirst American Issue
B31aThe World Of Wodehouse ClergyUKFF1984Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney, etc.First Edition, UK
B32aP. G. Wodehouse Short StoriesUKNF*1983The Folio Society, LondonFirst Edition, UK *Hard Slipcase
B33aThe Hollywood OmnibusUKNF+1985Hutchinson, London, Melbourne, Sidney, etc.First Edition, UK
B34aA Wodehouse BestiaryUSNN1985Ticknor & Fields, New YorkFirst Edtion, US First Printing
B35aThe Pothunters And Other School StoriesUK1985Penguin BooksPaperback
B36aThe Gold Bat And Other StoriesUK1986Penguin BooksPaperback

Titles in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
B37a1The Aunts Omnibus (p/b)UKVGN/A1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.First Edition, UK First Printing, Paperback
B38a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 1US1989James H. Heineman Inc., New York
B39a1The Jeeves Omnibus vol 1 (p/b)UK1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.Br. Lib. date, ISBN 9780091739874
B40a1The Jeeves Omnibus vol 2 (p/b)UK1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.Br. Lib. date, ISBN 9780091745745
B4la1The Jeeves Omnibus vol 3 (p/b)UK1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.Br. Lib. date, ISBN 9780091748333
B42a1The Jeeves Omnibus vol 4 (p/b)UK1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.Br. Lib. Date, ISBN 9780091753405
B43a1The Jeeves Omnibus vol 5 (p/b)US1989Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.Br. Lib. Date, ISBN 9780091773540
B44a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 2US1990James H. Heineman Inc., New York
B45a1Jeeves Takes Charge and Other StoriesUK1990ArrowTV tie-in Paperback ISBN 0099777606, Picture Fry, Laurie
Jeeves Takes Charge and Other StoriesUS1990ArrowTV tie-in Paperback, Picture Fry, Laurie
B46alJeeves and Wooster: The Code of theWoosters+Other Stories (p/b)UK1990ArrowTV tie-in Paperback, ISBN 0099142112
B47alPlum’s PeachesUSNN1991International PolygonicsFirst Edition, US First Printing
B47a3Women in WodehouseUSNN1995Barnes and NobleFirst American Issue, retitled edition of B47a1
B48a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 3US1991James H. Heineman Inc., New York
B49a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 4US1991James H. Heineman Inc., New York
B50a1Jeeves and Wooster: Right Ho, Jeeves and Other Stories (p/b)UK1992ArrowTV tie-in Paperback, ISBN 0099142015
B51a1Jeeves and Wooster: The Mating Season and Other Stories (p/b)UK1992ArrowTV tie-in Paperback, ISBN 009914221X
B52a1Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best (p/b)UKVGN/A1992Penguin2nd printing, Paperback, at VU as Section AA Ban52
B53a1The Jeeves OmnibusUSNN1992Dorset Press, New YorkFirst Edition, US
B54a1Imperial Bìandings (p/b)UKVGN/A1992PenguinFirst Edtion, UK 1st Printing, Paperback, also #AA Ban 54
B55a1Uncle Fred: An Omnibus (p/b)UKNN/A1992The Penguin Group, London, N.Y. Australia, Can., N.Z.Paperback, 6th printing, also listed as Section AA Ban55
B56a1The World of Psmith (p/b)UK1993Penguin
B57a1Wodehouse is the Best MedicineUSNN1992International Polygonics, New York1st Edition, US 1st Printing, Hardcover, (Add. says p/b)
B58a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 6US1993James H. Heineman Inc., New YorkDate and Volume as given in McIlvaine Addendum
B59a1The Great Sermon Handicap vol 5US1994James H. Heineman Inc., New YorkDate and Volume as given in McIlvaine Addendum
B60a1The Theatre Omnibus (p/b)UK1994Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.
B61a1Three by WodehouseUS1996Book of the Month Club
B62a1Wodehouse at the WicketUKNN1997Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.First printing
B63a1Jeeves and Friends (p/b)UK1997Oxford Bookworms
B64a1Enter Jeeves (p/b)USFN/A1997Dover
B65a1Very Good Jeeves, Right Ho Jeeves, Thank You Jeeves (p/b)UK1999Quality Paperbacks DirectPaperback
B66a1The World of Mr Mulliner (p/b)UK1999PenguinPaperback
B67a1What Ho! The Best of P G WodehouseUKNN2000Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.
B68a1Jeeves and Wooster - An Omnibus (p/b)UK2001PenguinPaperback
AAba60/63Two Complete Novels Quck Service & The Code of the Woosters, listed here as only Penguins go in Sect. AAUSG+N/A1953Ace Books, Inc., New YorkPaperback, 1st edition, Ace Double Novel Book D-25 flipover style, an early rather unique paperback

Titles Published Post-Addendum or Not in Mclvaine or Addendum

TitleCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
The Parrot and Other PoemsUKNN1988Hutchinson & Co. Ltd.First Edtion, UK
The Plums of P. G. WodehouseUKNN*1997The London Folio Society, LondonFirst Edition, UK Hardcover *Hard slipcase
P. G. Wodehouse's Blandings p/bUK2012Arrow Books, Londonpaperback ISBN 9780099580690
Reggie and Joan The Misadventures of Reggie Pepper & The Sporting Life of Joan RomneyUSNN/A2013Rushwater Press, Roxbury, Connecticutpaperback ISBN 9780980153200, stories collected in book form for the first time.
Kid Brady Stories and A Man of MeansUKNN2013Everyman's Library, London1st Edition, UK First book form of Kid Brady stories, PGW-Kid Brady Stories, A Man of means w/C.H. Bovill
Mr. Punch's Spectral AnalysesUSNN/A2015Flying Pig Press, Olympia, Washington1st Ed., US, unpub. Punch s.s., for TWS 18th Int. Conven.
Above Average at Games: The Very Best of P.G. Wodehouse on Sport, edited by Richard T. KellyUK2019Hutchinson, London