Section D: Periodicals

This Section is devoted to Periodicals which include stories and serializations of Wodehouse novels, articles, jokes, poems, parodies, interviews and works about Wodehouse.

Due to the large number of items possible, this database is not a complete list of Wodehouse items in this category. It is a Type B database, and includes only items that have been donated to the Collection thus far. Additions to the database listing will be made when items are donated.

The Condition Level Guidelines (New, Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair, with + or - gradations) stated on the Collection homepage will apply, but in the case of periodicals, which may date from the early 1900s and be quite rare or in less than ideal condition, the additional condition level of “Poor” (reading copy only) will be considered for acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

American Periodicals

McIlvaine #Periodical NamePublication DateTitle of Story/Article/PoemCond.Notes
D1Ainslee's: The Magazine That Entertains (New York)
no McI. #December, 1909The Gem CollectorVG-
D21Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (New York)
D21.1November, 1950Mr. McGee's Big DayVG-
D21.2February, 1952Strychnine in the SoupP
D21.6May, 1978Death at the ExcelsiorVG+
no McI. #Firsts The Book Collector’s Magazine (Tucson)
no McI. #January, 2003P. G. Wodehouse Special IssueN3 articles,1st ed. checklist, some values
D48Pearson's Magazine (New York)
D48.3May, 1906How Kid Brady Joined the PressG+
D48.6July, 1906How Kid Brady Fought for His EyesFa
D48.7March, 1907How Kid Brady Took a Sea VoyageP
D59Saturday Evening Post (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
D59.816/3/1933Heavy Weather part 2VG-
D59.826/10/1933Heavy Weather part 3G
D59.836/17/1933Heavy Weather part 4G-
D59.152September, 1980Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg part 1N
D59.153October, 1980Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg part 2N

British Periodicals

McIlvaine #Periodical NamePublication DateTitle of Story/Article/PoemCond.Notes
D91Grand Magazine (London)
D91.12b (Nov. Iss.)Sept. 1924-Feb. 1925Bill the Conqueror (first six of eight installments)Gonly known library copy is in Australia
D102Lilliput (London)
D102.1March/April, 1953Big BusinessVG-
No McI. #The Periodical (Oxford University Press, London)
No McI. #July, 1939Contains two speeches for PGW honorary doctorateGpp. 78-79, speeches given at ceremony
D124Punch, or the London Charivari (London)
D124.1012/10/1954Manners Makyth ManVG
D124.1118/18/1954Grave News from AmericaVG-
D124.1139/15/1954Thanks for the Memory (such as it is)VG+
D124.12012/22/1954I'm in the BookVG
D124.14611/30/1955Name This ChildVG
no McI. #Story Paper Collectors' Digest
no McI. #Jan.-Dec. 1969The Swoop (in three parts, July, August, September)VG1st pub. since rare 1909 Alston Rivers
D133Strand Magazine (London)
D.133.17-21Jan.-Jun. 1912The Prince and Betty (3 parts)Gdiffers from UK,US books