Section E: Contributions to Anthologies, Introductions, Prefaces

(Database Forthcoming)

This Section is devoted to Wodehouse contributions to anthologies, introductions and prefaces.

Due to the large number of items possible, this database is not a comprehensive or complete listing of items in this category. It includes only items that have already been donated to the Collection. It is a Type B database, to which items will be added when they are donated.

The Condition Guidelines that apply to Section E will be found on the homepage.

We are interested in learning of, or acquiring books with original Wodehouse contributions, books with Wodehouse prefaces/introductions and books for which Wodehouse specifically wrote a contribution. If you would like to donate an item of this type, please contact the Project Leader to see if it is desired for the Collection.

Of lesser interest are books that include Wodehouse stories that previously appeared elsewhere. In these cases, acceptance for the Collection will be on a case-by-case basis.