Section H: About Wodehouse and His Works

This Section includes English language major studies and biographies of Wodehouse and his works—bibliographies, full-length studies, books and dissertations. The database includes listings of those types of works and indicates which of those items have been donated thus far.

Due to their large number, shorter length chapters, periodical or newspaper articles, essays, references and other related materials are not listed on the database. This is a Type B database, to which items will be added when they are donated.

The Condition Guidelines that apply to Section H will be found on the homepage.

Donations of shorter length items are welcome and will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Project Leader to see if an item is desired for the Collection.

Plum’s fans are blessed by the continual appearance of new publications about The Master and his works. If you know of a newly published full-length item, we would be interested in knowing the particulars to add to the database, and welcome donations of such publications.

Two Section H items, A Penguin Wodehouse Companion and Wodehouse at Work to the End, are also listed in Section AA: Paperback Editions, Penguin as first Penguin paperback editions.

Table of Contents

Bibliographies in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #TitleAuthorCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
H2A Bibliography and Reader's Guide to the First Editions of P. G. WodehouseJasen, David A.USVGVG1970Archon Books, Hamden CT1st Edition
H2A Bibliography and Reader's Guide to the First Editions of P. G. WodehouseJasen, David A.UK1986Greenhill Books, London2nd Edition Revised and Expanded
H6The World of Mr. Wodehouse, A BibliographyNielsen, BjarneDKNN/A1987Antikvariat Pinkerton, Copenhagen44 pp.
H7Wodehouse in the Captain: Writing by P. G. Wodehouse and About Him and His WorkPhelps, BarryUK1980Phelps, London5 pp.
H8The Strand Magazine, 1891-1950L A Selective Checklist Listing All Material Relating to Arthur Conan Doyle, all stories by P. G. Wodehouse, + a Selection of Other ContributionsWhitt, J. F.UK1979J. F. Whitt, London48 pp.

Full-length Studies in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #TitleAuthorCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
H10An Analysis of P. G. Wodehouse"s Team of Bertie Wooster and JeevesCarlson, Richard StocksUS1973Michigan State Universitydissertation
H11P. G. Wodehouse An Illustrated Biography w/Complete Bibliography + Collector's GuideConnolly, JosephUKFVG1979Orbis Publishing, London1st English Edition
H12The Lyrics of P. G. WodehouseD'Auzac, EvelyneUS1989Peter Lang, New York
H14P. G. Wodehouse A BiographyDonaldson, FrancesUSNN1982Alfred A. Knopf, New York1st American Edition
H14P. G. Wodehouse A BiographyDonaldson, FrancesUKFF1982Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London1st English Edition
H15P. G. Wodehouse, 1881-1981 p/bDonaldson, F. Usborne, R.UKFN/A1982James H. Heineman, London1st Edition, 44 pp. no HC edition, one of 500 copies, not one of 100 numbered and signed copies
H16P. G. Wodehouse: A Critical and Historical EssayEdwards, Owen DudleyUkVG+VG+1977Martin Brian & O'Keeffe, London1st English Edition
H17P. G. Wodehouse Writers and CriticsFrench, R. B. D.UK1966Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh
H17P. G. Wodehouse Writers and CriticsFrench, R. B. D.US1967Barnes & Noble, New York
H18Daniel Garrison's Who's Who in WodehouseGarrison, DanielUS1987Peter Lang, New York
H20P. G. Wodehouse, A Literary BiographyGreen, BennyUK1981Michael Joseph, London1st English Edition
H20P. G. Wodehouse, A Literary BiographyGreen, BennyUSNN1981The Rutledge Press, New York1st American Edition
H21The Comic Style of P. G. WodehouseHall, Robert A.USNN1974Archon Books, Hamden CT1st American Edition
H22P. G. Wodehouse and the "Saga Habit"Hall, Robert A.US1972?Linguistica, Ithaca NY11 pp.
H23Papers on Wodehouse p/bHall, Robert A.USNN/A1985Linguistica, Ithaca NY72 pp. p/b
H24Homage to P. G. WodehouseCazelet-Keir, Thelma, Ed.UKVG+VG+1973Barrie & Jenkins, London
H25Blandings the Blest and The Blue Blood: A Companion to the Blandings Castle Saga of PGWJaggard, GeoffreyUK1968Macdonald, London
H26Wooster's World A Companion to the Wooster-Jeeves Cycle of P.G.Wodehouse LL.D.eJaggard, GeoffreyUKFVG1967Macdonald, London1st English Edition
H27P. G. Wodehouse A Portrait of a MasterJasen, David A.US1974Mason and Lipscomb, New York1st American Edition
H27P. G. Wodehouse A Portrait of a MasterJasen, David A.UKF+F+1975Garnstone Press, London1st English Edition
H27P. G. Wodehouse A Portrait of a Master p/bJasen, David A.USVGN/A1981Continuum, New YorkNew Revised Edition no hard cover
H28The Theatre of P. G. WodehouseJasen, David A.UKFF1979B. T. Batsford Ltd., London1st English Edition
H30Thank You, WodehouseMorris, J. H. C.UKNN1981Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London1st English Edition
H30Thank You, WodehouseMorris, J. H. C.USFF-1981St. Martin's, New York1st American Edition stated
H31In Search of Blandings p/bMurphy, N. T. P.UKVGN/A1981Carshalton Beeches, Privately Printed1st Edition #306 of 500, inscribed NM, spine wrinkled
H31In Search of BlandingsMurphy, N. T. P.UKNN1986Secker & Warburg, London2nd Edition, 1st English Hardcover, new intro Tom Sharpe
H31In Search of BlandingsMurphy, N. T. P.USNN1986Salem House Pub. Topsfield, MAReissue, 1st American Hardcover
H32In Defense of BertieNielsen, BjarneDKNN/A1981Antikvariat Pinkerton, Copenhagen9 pp. p/b tract
H33P. G. Wodehouse: A Centenary Celebration, 1881-1981Heineman, J.R. Bensen, D.R.US1981The Pierpont Morgan Library. New York
H33P. G. Wodehouse: A Centenary Celebration, 1881-1981Heineman, J.R. Bensen, D.R.UKFVG1981Oxford University Pr., London, OxfordFirst English Edition
not in McIP. Gl Wodehouse: A Centenary Celebration, 1881-1981 softcoverHeineman, J.R. Bensen, D.R.USF-N/A1981The Pierpont Morgan Library. New YorkSoftcover of H33 First American Edition
H34Wodehouse the FictionistSharma, M. N.INVGF1980Meenakshi Prakashan, Meerut1st Edition, India
H35Wodehouse at WarSproat, IanUK1981Milner & Co., London
H35Wodehouse at WarSproat, IanUSNN1981Ticknor & Fields, New Haven and NewYork1st American Edition
H36Cliché Made Strange: The Art of Wodehouse's Jeeves/Wooster Series*Thompson, Kristin*Not published under this title.McIlvaine says "forthcoming". Was working title for 1992 "Wooster Proposes, Jeeves Disposes."
H37Three Talks and a Few Words at a Festive Occasion p/bUsborne, RichardUKF+N/A1983James H. Heineman, LondonFirst Edition, no HC edition, #35 of 500
H38The Penguin Wodehouse Companion p/bUsborne, RichardUK1988Penguin Books, Londonparts Wode Work to End, Wode. Compan.
H39A Wodehouse CompanionUsborne, RichardUKNF+1981Elm Tree Books, London1st English Edition
H40Dr. Sir Pelham Wodehouse Old Boy The Text of an Address Given by Richard UsborneUsborne, RichardUKNN/A1978James H. Heineman, LondonPaperback, First Edition
H40Dr. Sir Pelham Wodehouse Oh Boy The Text of an Address Given by Richard UsborneUsborne, RichardUKFN/A1978James H. Heineman, LondonPaperback, First Edition, #40 of 100 signed copies
H41Wodehouse at Work: A Study of the Books and Characters of P. G. WodehouseUsborne, RichardUKVG+VG1961Herbert Jenkins, LondonFirst Edition
H41Wodehouse at Work to the EndUsborne, RichardUKNN1976Barrie & Jenkins, Comm. Europa, LondonRevised Edition of H41 1961 Edition
H42P. G. WodehouseVoorhees, Richard J.US1966Twayne Publishers, New York
H43The World of P. G. WodehouseWind, Herbert WarrenUS1972Praeger, New York, Washington
H43The World of P. G. WodehouseWind, Herbert WarrenUK1981Hutchinson, London

Titles in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleAuthorCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
H500.1What's in Wodehouse or Jeeves Has Gone A-Shrimping and the Fat Pig Has Gotten FatterGould, Charles E,, Jr.USNN/A1989James H. Heineman, New Yorkpaperback
H500.2The P. G. Wodehouse Quiz Book p/bGould, CharlesUKNN/A1990Hutchinson, London, Sydney, Aucklandpaperback
H501Yours, PlumDonaldson, FrancesUKF+F1990Hutchinson, London, Sydney, Auck., Johan1st English Edition
H501Yours, PlumDonaldson, FrancesUSNN1990James H. Heineman, New York1st American Edition
H502After Hours with P. G. WodehouseUsborne, RichardUKF-F-1991Hutchinson, London1st English edition
H502After Hours with P. G. WodehouseUsborne, RichardUSNN1991James H. Heineman, New York1st American Edition
H503P. G. Wodehouse--Man and MythPhelps, BarryUKNN1992Constable and Company, London1st English Edition Signed by Author
H504Bolton and Wodehouse and Kern The Men Who Made Musical ComedyDavis, LeeUSF-F1993James H. Heineman, New York1st American Edition
H505Wodehouse in the Clubhouse, The Millenium Wodehouse Concordance, Volume 1Ring, TonyUKVG+F-1994Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H506Wodehouse at the Anglers' Rest, Millenium W. Concordan. Vol. 2Ring, TonyUKF-F1995Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H507You Simply Hit Them With an AxeRing, TonyUK1995Porpoise Books, Maidenhead
H508Wodehouse Among the Chickens, Millenium W. Concordan. Vol.4Ring, TonyUKVG+F-1996Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H509Plum to PeterSchwed, PeterUSF-*N/A1996Private, P. Schwed, New York1st Edition, also appears as A106, Inscribed by author, copy 94 of 500 *pages F- but as typical, cover peeling
H510Wodehouse Goes to School, The Millenium W. Concordance Vol.3Ring, TonyUKF-F1997Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H511Wodehouse at Blandings Castle, Millenium W. Concordance Vol. 5Ring, TonyUKF-F1998Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H512Wodehouse in Woostershire, Millenium W. Concordance Vol. 6Ring, TonyUKFF1999Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H513Wodehouse with Old Friends, Millenium W. Concordance Vol. 7Ring, TonyUKFF2000Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition
H514In His Own WordsDay, Barry Ring, TonyUK2001Hutchinson, London
H515Wodehouse with New Friends, Millenium W. Concordance Vol. 8Ring, TonyUKFF2001Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st Edition

Titles Published Post-Addendum or Not in Mclvaine or Addendum

TitleAuthorCountryBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
The Toad at Harrow: P. G. Wodehouse in Perspective (stand alone not in McIl H#Gould, Charles E.UK1982James H. Heineman, Londonalso in Kent Magazine Fall 1981, Mc#H153
P. G. Wodehouse with 104 Illustrations, Thames and Hudson Literary Lives p/bConnolly, JosephUK1987Thames and Hudson, Londonpaperback Revised Edition of 1979 H11
Who's Who in WodehouseGarrison, DanielUSNN1989International Polygonics, New YorkSecond Revised Edition, First Printing
A True and Faithful Account of the Amazing Adventures of the Wodehouse Soc.Murphy, N. T. P.USF+N/A1990James H. Heineman, NewYorkFirst Edition Hardcover, no d.w. issued
Wooster Proposes, Jeeves Disposes or Le Mot JusteThompson, KristinUSNN1992James H. Heineman, New York1st American Edition, see H36 notes
Lord Emsworth's Annotated Whiffle The Care of the Pig by Augustus WhiffleHogg, James Edited byUSNN1992James H. Heineman, New York1st American Edition
Reminiscences of the Hon. Galahad ThreepwoodMurphy, N. T. P. Edited byUKNN1993Porpoise Books, Maidenhead1st English Edition
A Study Guide for P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves Takes Charge p/bLeBlanc, Michael Edit.+ C96USNN2000Gale Group, Inc. Farmington Hills, MI1st American Edition First Printing p/b
Broadway, Jeeves? The Diary of a Theatrical AdventureJarvis, MartinUKNN2003Methuen, London1st Edition, By Jeeves musical play diary
Plum Sauce A P G Wodehouse CompanionUsborne, RichardUS2003Overlook Press, Woodstock & New Yorkhard cover ISBN 1585674419
Wodehouse p/bConnolly, JosephUKNN/A2004Life & Times, Haus Pub. Ltd., LondonPaperback
Wodehouse A LifeMcCrum, RobertUSNN2004W. W. Norton & Co. New York, London1st American Edition
Wodehouse A LifeMcCrum, RobertUK2004Viking, London1st English Edition
The Novel Life of P. G. Wodehouse p/bEasdale, RoderickWalesNN/A2004Cyhoeddwyr y Superscript,NewtownWalespaperback
The Complete Lyrics of P. G. WodehouseEd. by Barry Day, Tony RingUSFF-2004Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Maryland1st Edition
A Wodehouse Handbook: the World and Words of P. G. Wodehouse Vol. 1 & 2Murphy, N. T. P.UKVG+N/A2006Popgood & Groolley, LondonSigned by Author
P. G. Wodehouse and Hollywood: Screenwriting, Satires, and Adaptations p/bTaves, BrianUS2006McFarland & Company, Jefferson, N.C.only issued as paper back
The Wit and Wisdom of P. G. WodehouseRing, TonyUKNN2007Hutchinson, LondonFirst Edition First Printing
P. G. Wodehouse The Unknown Years p/bVon Bodenhausen, ReinSri LankaNN/A2009Stamford Lake, Pannipitiya, Sri LankaFirst Edition paperback
The Inimitable P. G. Wodehouse The Story of His Life and a Treasury of His WitHichens, MarkUKNN2009The Book Guild Ltd., Brighton1st English Edition
Three Wodehouse WalksMurphy, N. T. P.UK2009Popgood & Groolley, London
Rannygazoo A collection of sense and nonsense about P.G.Wode.Compiled by Clevenger, Ken Edited by Hayden, CaseyUSNN/A2010In cooperation with Flying Pig Press, no city given1 Edition p/b. Articles from Plum Lines, Wooster Sauce, and Pennant Bravo
A Guide to P.G. Wodehouse's New York City and Long Island p/bMurphy, N. with Plofker, A.US/UKNN/A2011Self-Published by Authors1st Edition, descrip./pics of PGW places
A Life in LettersRatcliffe, Sophie, PGWUKFF2011Hutchinson, London1st English Edition
A Life in LettersRatcliffe, Sophie, PGWUS2011W. W. Norton & Company, New York
A Life in Letters advanced reading copy, softcoverRatcliffe, Sophie, PGWUSNN/A2011W. W. Norton & Company, New YorkAdvanced Reading Copy of HC 1st Am. Ed.
Second Row, Grand Circle A Reference Guideto the Contribution of PGWRing, TonyUKNN/A2012Harebrain Publishing, Great MissendenFirst Edition p/b Signed by Author
A Wodehouse Handbook The World and Words of P. G. Wodehouse Vol. 1 & 2Murphy, N. T. P.CA2013Sybertooth, Sackville, New Brunswick
A Brief Guide to Jeeves and Wooster p/bCawthorne, NigelUKNN/A2013Robinson, London & Running Pr., Philadel.Joint Pub. 1st US & UK Edition 1st Printing
Phrases and Notes P.G. Wodehouse's Notebooks 1902-1905 p/bTrans./Annot. N.T.P.MurphyUKNN/A2014Popgood and Grooley, London1st Edition, signed & inscribed by NTP M.
What Goes Around Comes Around p/bRing, TonyUKFN/A2014Harebrain Pub., Great Missendenpaperback; signed by author
The P. G. Wodehouse MiscellanyMurphy, N.T.P., Fry, S.UKFF2015The History Press Ltd., Stroud, Glouce. UKFirst Edition
Wodehouse's School Days: Dulwich College and the School StoriesPiggott, JanUKFF2015Dulwich Col. Quartercentenary, London
By the Way, Day by Day P. G. Wodehouse in the Globe Newspaper Vol. 1 & 2Dawson, J. , Midkiff, N.USFN/A2015GRP Publications1st Edition, Globe Reclamation Project
A Wodehouse London Walk (DVD)Murphy, N.T.P.UKNN/A2016N.T.P. Murphy1st Edition, DVD
Middlebrow Wodehouse: P. G. Wodehouse's Work in ContextRea, AnnUK2016Ashgate Pub. Ltd., Farnham, Surrey
Highballs for Breakfast The Very Best of PGW on the Joys of a Good Stiff DrinkKelly, Richard T.UKNN/A2016Hutchinson, London1st English Edition, no d.w. issued
A Plum Assignment, Discourses on P. G. Wodehouse and His World p/bArmstrong, Curtis, Millstein, ElliottUSNN/A2018Winch & Clutterbuck, Bensonburg, NYFirst Edition, publisher & city fictional, from French Leave by PGW
Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Volume 1: This is Jolly Old FameKent, PaulUKNN/A2019TSB, LondonFirst Edition, issued with no dust wrapper
Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Volume 2: Mid-Season FormKent, PaulUKNN/A2020TSB, LondonFirst Edition, issued with no dust wrapper