Section J: The Dramatic Wodehouse—The Stage and The Movies

The McIlvaine Bibliography Section J was arranged in two groups: The Stage and The Movies.

The Stage

Database items J1 through J50 list the productions of plays, musical or straight, to which Wodehouse contributed. The majority of them were not published, but some eventually were.

When the 2001 Addendum was undertaken, both Section J (The Stage) and Section C (Plays) productions that were published or known to have existed as typescripts after the original McIlvaine Bibliography was published, were listed under the Addendum to Section C (Plays) and titled “Published and Unpublished Plays.” No Addendum to Section J was undertaken.

Following suit, this Collection database provides Section J: The Stage (J1-J50) listings as a reference resource describing the productions of works in which Wodehouse was involved.

While scarce, some items listed in J1-J50 have surfaced. We will be interested in any Section J: The Stage production items that may exist, whether published or as typescripts.

The Collection includes a couple of unpublished musical scripts and we welcome donations of unpublished plays, whether musical or not. As was done with the McIlvaine Addendum, donations of this type will be entered in the Section C Post Addendum or CA Addendum.

Of special note, it is fairly certain that the titles of Anything Goes and The Three Musketeers, also listed in the Section C database, are the only published libretti of Wodehouse musicals.

Some new stage productions of Wodehouse works have been launched in the last few decades. Please feel free to advise us of new titles of which you are aware. We will be interested in any items, published or in typescript form, of these productions.

The Movies

The database covering Section J: The Movies is intended for items produced for the “Silver Screen.” Movies/films etc. originally produced for television are in Section T: Television.

The database items from J51 onward are movies/films to which Wodehouse contributed in some way. Original reels are extremely rare and generally unavailable. However, some titles have surfaced in recent years in VHS or DVD format. We will be interested in acquiring donations of VHS or DVD formats of titles listed on the database.

There may be movies of which we are unaware. Please advise us of any English language movies that you may know of that are not listed on the database. We will be interested in acquiring donations of them in VHS or DVD format.

Please note that the Collection cannot accept unauthorized recordings and home-recorded VHS or DVD items as they violate copyright statutes.

Table of Contents

Stage Productions in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #YearTitleAuthorComposerLyricistNotes
J11904Sergeant Bruebook by Owen Hallmusic by Liza Lehmannlyrics by J. Hickory Wood
J21906The Beauty of Bathbook by Seymour Hicks and Cosmo Hamiltonmusic by Herbert E. Haineslyrics by Charles H. Taylor
J31907The Gay Gordonsbook by Seymour Hicks, music by Guy Jones, lyrics Arthur Wimperis
J41907The Bandit’s Daughterbook by P.G. Wodehouse and Herbert Westbrookmusic by Ella King-Hall
J51911A Gentleman of Leisurebook by John Stapleton and P.G. Wodehouse
J61913A Thief for a Nightbook by John Stapleton and P.G. Wodehouse
J71913Brother Alfredbook by Herbert Westbrook and P.G. Wodehouse
J81914Nuts and Winebook by C.G. Bovill and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Frank E. Tours and Melville Gideonlyrics by Bovill, Wodehouse, and Guy Jones
J91916Pom Pombook and lyrics by Anne Caldwell and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Hugo Felix
J101916Miss Springtimebook by Guy Boltonmusic by Emmerich Kalman and Jerome Kernlyrics by P.G. Wodehouse and Herbert Reynolds
J111917Have a Heartbook and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kern
J121917Oh, Boy!book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kern
J131917Leave It to Janebook by Guy Bolton based on The College Widow by George Ademusic by Jerome Kernlyrics by P.G. Wodehouse
J141917Kitty Darlin'book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Rudolf Frimlbased on David Belasco's Sweet Kitty Bellairs
J151917The Riviera Girlbook and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehousemusic by Emmerich Kalman and Jerome Kern
J161917Miss 1917book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kern
J171918Oh, Lady! Lady!book and lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Boltonmusic by Jerome Kern
J181918See You Laterbook and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jean Schwartz and William F. Peters
J191918The Girl behind the Gunbook and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Ivan Caryllbased on Madame et son filleul by Maurice Hennequin, P. Veber
J201918The Canarybook by Harry B. Smithmusic by Ivan Caryll, Irving Berlin, Harry Tierneylyrics Anne Caldwell, PGWbased on book by G. Barr, L. Verneuill
J211918Oh, My Dear!book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Louis A. Hirsch
J221919The Rose of Chinaa romantic musical comedy by Guy Boltonmusic by Armand Vecseylyrics by P.G. Wodehouse
J231920Sallybook and lyrics by Guy Bolton and Clifford Greymusic by Jerome Kern; ballet music by Victor Herbertbased on Bolton and PGW unrproduced musical The Little Thing
J241921The Golden Mothbook by Fred Thompson and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Ivor Novellolyrics of five songs by Adrian Ross
J251922The Cabaret Girlbook and lyrics by George Grossmith and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kernlyrics by Grossmith, Wodehouse, and Anne Caldwell
J261923The Beauty Prizebook and lyrics by George Grossmith and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kern
J271924Sitting Prettybook by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Jerome Kernlyrics by P.G. Wodehouse
J281925City Chapbook by James Montgomery based on The Fortune Hunter, W. Smithmusic by Jerome Kernlyrics by Anne Caldwell, PGW Lyric Journey's End
J291926Hearts and DiamondsEnglish adaptation by P.G.W. and Laurie Wylie from Der Orlovmusic by Bruno Granichstadten; add. #s by Max Darewskilyrics by Graham John. Der Orlove by E. Marischka, B.Granichstadten
J301926The Play’s the Thingfrom Spiel in Schloss by Ferenc Molnar, adapted by P.G. Wodehouse
J311926Oh, Kay!book by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by George Gershwinlyrics by Ira Gershwin
J321927The Nightingalebook by Guy Bolton, based on the life of Jenny Lindmusic by Armand Vecseylyrics by P.G. Wodehouse
J331927Her Cardboard Loverbook by Valerie Wyngate and P.G. Wodehouseadapted from comedy Dans sa can-deur naïve by Jacques Deval
J341927Good Morning, Bill!adapted from the Hungarian of Ladislaus Fodor by P.G. Wodehouse
J351927Show Boatbook by Oscar Hammerstein II, based on Edna Ferber’s novelmusic by Jerome Kernlyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
J361928Rosaliebook by Guy Bolton and William Anthony McGuiremusic by George Gershwin and Sigmund Romberglyrics by Ira Gershwin and P.G. Wodehouse (three songs)
J371928The Three Musketeersbook by William Anthony McGuiremusic by Rudolf Frimllyrics by Clifford Grey and P.G. Wodehouse
J381928A Damsel in Distressplay by Ian Hay and P.G. Wodehouse
J391929Baa, Baa, Black Sheepby Ian Hay and P.G. Wodehouse
J401929Candle-Lightadapted by P.G. Wodehouse from Siegfried Geyer’s Kleine Komoedie
J411930Leave It to Psmithby Ian Hay and P.G. Wodehouse
J421934Who’s Whoby P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Boltonbased on P. G. Wodehouse novel If I Were You
1968Who's Who, Babyadapted by Guy Boltonmusic by Johnny Brandonlyrics by Johnny Brandon
J431934Anything Goesbook by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehousemusic by Cole Porterlyrics by Cole Porter; revised Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse
J441935The Inside Standby P.G. Wodehouse based on his novel Hot Water
J451948Don’t Listen Ladiesby Stephen Powys and Guy Bolton from the French of Sacha GuitryStephen Powys is a pseudonym of P. G. Wodehouse
J461968Oh, Clarence!a comedy in two acts (seven scenes) by John Chapmanbased on stories by P. G. Wodehouse
J471975Jeevesbook by Alan Ayckbourn, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
J481980Jeeves Takes Chargeby P.G. Wodehouse, adapted and devised by Edward Duke
J491980Blandings Castlewith book and lyrics by Anne Deevemusic by Philip Case
J501987Right Ho! Stiff Upper Lipadapted by Robert Goodale and Jeremy Silberston

Movies in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #YearTitleFormatCond.AuthorFilm CompanyNotes
J511915Gentleman of LeisureJohn Stapleton, P. G. Wodehouse, Cecil B. DeMilleJesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co.Silent Film
J521917Uneasy MoneyAdaptation by Raymond E. DakinEssanay Film Mfg.Silent Film
J531919Oh Boy!Adapted by Albert CapellaniPathe ExchangeSilent Film
J541919Piccadilly JimBased on Piccadilly Jim, serialized in Saturday Evening Post, pub. as bookSelznick Pictures CorporationSilent Film
J551920The Prince and BettyBased on the novel The Prince and BettyPathe ExchangeSilent Film
J56*1920A Damsel in DistressBased on A Damsel in Distress serialized in Sat. Evening Post, pub. as bookPathe ExchangeSilent Film *Taves says 1919
J571920Oh Lady! Lady!Scenario by Ethel Kennedy from Bolton & Wodehouse playRealart Picture CorporationSilent Film
J581920Their Mutual ChildScenario by Daniel F. Whitcomb from the story by PGWAmerican Film CompanySilent Film
J59*1921Stick AroundBased on short story "Bill the Bloodhound"Pathe ExchangeSilent Film *Taves says 1920
J601923A Gentleman of LeisureAdaptation by Anthony Coldeway, Jack CunninghamFamous Players-LaskySilent Film
J611924The Clicking of Cuthbert (series)The Clicking of Cuthbert, Chester Forgets Himself, The Long Hole, Ordeal by Golf, Rodney Fails to Qualify, The Magic Plus FoursStoll PicturesSilent Film
J621925SallyScenario by June Mathis, based on comedy by Bolton, Kern, P.G.W.First National PicturesSilent Film
J631926Der goldene SchmetterlingScenario by A. Lantz, J. Bentz, from Golden Moth by F. Thompson, PGWSacha-Film
J641927The Small BachelorStory by Edward J. Montague, from the 1926 Liberty Magazine SerialUniversal Pictures-JewelSilent Film
J651928Oh Kay!Scenario Carey Wilson, Adapt. Elsie Janis, from Bolton, Kern, PGW National PicturesSilent Film
J66*1929Her Cardboard LoverScenario by Jacques Deval, Valerie Wyngate, P. G. WodehouseBritish Phototone* Taves says 1928
J671929Show BoatScenario by Charles KenyonUniversal PicturesWodehouse Lyric: Bill
J68*1930SallyScreen Version by Waldemar YoungFirst National Pictures* Taves says 1929
J691930Those Three French GirlsAdaptation by Sylvia Thalberg, Frank Butler of story by VanEvery, Freed,Cosmopolitan, Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-MayerOriginal story D.VanEvery, A. Freed, Richard Schayer, dialogue: PGW
J701931The Man in PossessionAdaptation Sarah Y. Mason from play by H. M. Harwood, add. Scenes by PGWMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
J711932Brother AlfredDVDF+Screenplay PGW, Herbert Westbrook, adapt. by H. Edwards, Claude GurneyBritish International Pictures2014 Reissue of 1932 film, viewed once
J721933Summer LightningBased on Summer LightningBritish and Dominions Film Corp. Released United ArtistsReissued in 1937
J731933Leave It to MeScreenplay by Gene Gerrard, Frank Miller, Cecil LewisBritish International PicturesBased on Leave it to Psmith by P. G. Wodehouse and Ian Hay
J741934Have a HeartStory B. G. Desylva, David Butler from the play by Bolton, Wodehouse, KernMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
J751935Dizzy DamesStory by George Wagner suggested by PGW story The WatchdogLiberty Pictures
J761936Piccadilly JimScreenplay Charles Brackett and Edwin KnopfMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
J771936Anything Goes (Tops is the Limit)*Music and Lyrics by Cole PorterParamount PicturesRe-titled Tops is the Limit when re-released near 1956 J85 version
J781936Show BoatScreenplay and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, music by Jerome KernUniversal Productions
J791936Thank You, JeevesScreenplay by Joseph Hoffman, Stephen Gross based on the novel by PGWTwntieth Century Fox
J801937A Damsel in DistressVHSVGScreenplay PGW, E.Pagano, S.K.Lauren; Music G.Gershwin; Lyrics, I.GershwinRKO Radio Pictures1989 RKO Collection Turner Home Entertainment, vg cardboard sleeve
J811937RosalieVHSNBook W.A.McGuire, Guy Bolton; Music T. Gershwin & Sigmund Rombert; Lyrics P.G.Wodehouse & Ira Gershwin; one Cole Porter song*Metro-Goldwyn-MayerUnopened original packaging, Cole Porter song *In the Still of the Night
J821937Step Lively, Jeeves!Original story by Francis Hylan, Screenplay by Frank Fenton, Lynn RootTwntieth Century Fox
J83*1946Till the Clouds Roll ByDVDNStory by Guy Bolton, Screenplay by Myles Connolly, Jean HollowayMetro-Goldwyn-MayerUnopened, Based on the life of Jerome Kern * Taves says 1947
J841951Show BoatScreenplay by John Lee MahinMetro-Goldwyn-MayerWodehouse Lyric: Bill
J851956Anything GoesBased on mus. play, book Guy Bolton,PGW, rev. Howard Lindsay, R. CrouseParamount PicturesNew songs by James Van Heusen and Smmy Cahn
J861957The Helen Morgan StoryWritten by Oscar Saul, Dean Rusner, Stephen Longstreet, Nelson GiddingWarner Brothers Pictures
J871961The Girl on the BoatScenario by Reuben ShipKnightsbridge/United Artists

Movies Produced Post-Addendum or Not in Mclvaine or Addendum

YearTitleFormatCond.AuthorFilm CompanyNotes
1915Rule Sixty-ThreeBased on a Wodehouse StoryEssanaySilent Film
1931Just a GigoloBased on play A. Engel, A. Grunwald, adpt. to Dancing Partner, F & F HattonMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1932The Passionate PlumberAdapted from Wodehouse Play "Her Cardboard Lover"Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1933By CandlelightBased on play Kleine Komoedie, S. Geyer, English adaptation PGWodehouseUniversal Pictures Corp.
1937Personal Property/Man in Possess.Based on play Man in Possession by H. M. HarwoodReleased by Loew's, Copyright by Metro-Goldwyn-MayerRemake of 1931 film, for which PGW supplied add. dialogue.
1942Her Cardboard LoverBased on play Dans sa Cadeur Naïve, Jacque Deval & Wyngate & PGW play*Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer*Play-Her Cardboard Lover, Screen Credit: "Later Revisions by PGW"
2006Piccadilly JimBased on serial Piccadilly Jim, published in Sat. Eve. Post and as a bookMyriad Pictures
*1924Mam'zelle MilliardDVDNAbridged version of J56 film "A Damsel in Distress"Pathe Exchange, Pathe Baby Silent Flim No. 739*1924 presumed, 2007 presumed private DVD conversion, liner notes-original A Damsel in Distress film was 1919, this title reflects married name of star