Section K: Named Editions

This Section is devoted to The Autograph Edition of works by Wodehouse, published by Herbert Jenkins. Volumes in this set have Wodehouse’s signature blind-stamped on the lower right-hand corner of the cover (though some have been seen without this.) The 41 volumes in the set are uniform in size. Each includes a crest on the spine with the title and P. G. Wodehouse in gold.

When the donated title is known to be a first issue, “.1” is seen at the end of the McIlvaine number, such as in “Ka3.1”. Otherwise, the McIlvaine number will be listed as “Ka1” is.

Identifying first issues can be problematic as each title was issued several times, with varying dust wrappers. The number of Autograph Edition titles listed on the dust wrapper can be helpful in assessing the likelihood (but not always the certainty) a volume is a first issue.

We are interested in acquiring the Autograph Edition volumes that have not been donated to the Collection thus far, making allowance that it may not be possible to ascertain if one is a first issue. Only volumes with dust wrappers will be accepted and the Condition Guidelines found on the homepage shall apply.

The Autograph Edition, Herbert Jenkins

McIlvaine #TitleBook Cond.DW Cond.YearNotes
Ka1Thank You, JeevesNF1956Book matches Ka1.1 & Ka1.2 Jacket matches neither, lists 41 titles
Ka2The Clicking of Cuthbert1956
Ka3.1Hot WaterVG+VG+1956First Issue, First Jacket
Ka4.1Lord Emsworth and OthersVGVG1956Book matches first issue, but Jacket later? with 38 titles facing title page
Ka5.1The Girl on the BoatVGVG+1956Book matches first issue, but Jacket is Ka5.2
Ka6.5The Inimitable Jeeves1956
Ka7Summer MoonshineVG+VG+1956First Issue, First Jacket, predates Ka7.1, front flap lists 8 titles
Ka8.2A Damsel in DistressFF-1956
Ka9.1The Heart of a GoofF-VG1956First Issue, First Jacket
Ka10The Luck of the BodkinsVG+VG1956First Issue, First Jacket, predates Ka10.1, front jacket lists first 11 titles
Ka11Meet Mr. MullinerFF1956First Issue, First Jacket, predates Ka11.1?, front jacket lists first 11 titles
Ka12Young Men in Spats1957
Ka13Right Ho, JeevesVG+VG+1957First Issue book, First Jacket, predates Ka13.1, front flap lists 14 titles
Ka14.1Blandings CastleG+G+195738 titles on rear of jacket
Ka15.1If I Were YouFF1958First Issue, but jacket has 40 titles on front flap
Ka16Jill the RecklessFF1958First Issue book suggested, but rear cover has 36 titles, later issue jacket?
Ka17.1Barmy in WonderlandNF1958First Issue, First Jacket
Ka18Very Good Jeeves1958
Ka19Laughing GasFF1959First Issue suggested, but jacket appears to be Ka19.2
Ka20.1Money for NothingVG+VG1959First Issue book, though Jacket presumably 1966
Ka21.1Quick ServiceVG+VG+1960Presumably First Issue, First Jacket
Ka22UkridgeFVG1960First Issue, First Jacket, jacket back panel lists 22 titles, predates Ka22.1
Ka23.2Carry On, JeevesVGVG196036 titles on rear jacket
Ka24.2Heavy WeatherVG+VG+1960
Ka25.1Leave it to Psmith1961
Ka26.1Mr. Mulliner SpeakingVGVG1961First Issue, First Jacket
Ka27.1The Code of the WoostersF-VG+1962First Issue, First Jacket
Ka28.1Jeeves and the Feudal SpiritF-VG+1962First Issue, First Jacket
Ka29A Gentleman of LeisureVG+VG1962First Issue, First Jacket, presumed pre Ka29.1, jacket lists 30 titles, 1962
Ka30Uncle Fred in the SpringtimeVG+VG+1962First Issue, First Jacket, jacket predates Ka30.1, lists 30 titles, probable 1st
Ka31.1Louder and FunnierNF1963First Issue, First Jacket
Ka32.1Ring for JeevesVGVG1963First Issue, First Jacket
Ka33.1Love Among the ChickensF-VG+1963First Issue, First Jacket
Ka34.1Eggs, Beans and CrumpetsFF-1963First Issue, First Jacket
Ka35.1Summer LightningFVG1964First Issue, First Jacket
Ka36.1Nothing SeriousVG+VG+1964First Issue, First Jacket
Ka37.1Big MoneyVGVG+1965First Issue, First Jacket
Ka38.1The Indiscretions of ArchieF-F-1965First Issue, First Jacket
Ka39.1The Coming of BillNVG+1966First Issue, First Jacket
Ka40.1Piccadilly JimFF1966First Issue, First Jacket
Ka41.1Mulliner NightsF-VG+1966First Issue, First Jacket