Section L: Imitations and Parodies

This Section includes stand-alone publications of parodies, imitations and biographies of Wodehouse characters.

There are some similar materials in the McIlvaine Bibliography Appendix I: Checklist of a Major Private Collection, in the “L7 Other” category.

Some Gems from P. G. Wodehouse, listed in the Section L database, is mentioned in Appendix I.

In addition to the publications listed on the database, if you have any other items of this type not mentioned here, or shorter items that were published within periodicals, we would be interested in them. Please contact the Project Leader to see if they are desired for the Collection.

Table of Contents

Titles in McIlvaine Bibliography

McIlvaine #TitleAuthorBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
L9A Prawn in Aspic or A Pawn in AspicGould, Charles E. , Jr.1987Privately Published, Kent, CT7 pp.
L11Dumbarton, Hanshaw and Such-Like PlacesHall, Robert A., Jr.1982Linguistica, Ithaca, New York137 pp.
L12Human Metamorphoses (Val Permberly and Others)Hall, Robert A., Jr.1982Linguistica, Ithaca, New York137 pp.
L13Lovers and HatersHall, Robert A., Jr.1987Linguistica, Ithaca, New York145 pp.
L14Valley Fields and ElsewhereHall, Robert A., Jr.1983Linguistica, Ithaca, New York135 pp.
L15The Ink-Stone: a P. G. Wodehouse Haiku BookIsaacson, Harold J.1985Vantage Press, New York163 pp.
L22Jam TomorrowMagee, David1941Houghton Mifflin, Boston308 pp.
L24Jeeves: A Gentleman's Personal GentlemanParkinson, C. NorthcoteNN1979Macdonald and Jane's Publishers, London191 pp.
L25Distinguished VisitorsRoberts, S. C.1937University Press, Cambridge22 pp.
L27Plum Pudding, a Wodehouse AlphabetStow, Margaret & Douglas EditorsNn/a1984Stow Press, San Francisco32 pp. Hardbound
L27Plum Pudding, a Wodehouse AlphabetStow, Margaret & Douglas Editors1984Stow Press, San Francisco32 pp. Soft bound

Titles Published Post-Addendum or Not in Mclvaine or Addendum

TitleAuthorBook Cond.DW Cond.DatePublisherNotes
The Jeeves Cocktail BookDialogue: Hugh Bredin, Illus.: Russell CoulsonFF1980Ebury Press, LondonFirst Impression
Some Gems from P. G. WodehouseDrawings & Lettering by Pauline BlancNN1982Privately Published, San Francisco, CAFirst Pinting #11 of 100 Soft bound, heavy brown stock
The Hungover CookbookMilton CrawfordFF2010Square Peg. London1st Ed. P.G.W. mentioned/quoted on 4 pp. & back cover