Section N: Letters and Correspondence

This Section is devoted to letters and correspondence to and from Wodehouse, such as those described in Section N of the McIlvaine Bibliography.

If you are interested in donating a letter or correspondence to or from Wodehouse, please contact the Project Leader to learn if the item(s) are desired for the Collection.

LETTER to Wendell Verrill from P. G. Wodehouse, dated Feb. 25, 1968, on letterhead: P.G.Wodehouse Remsenburg NewYork Handwritten reply from PGW to a 1968 letter asking if Rev. Wendell Verrill could stop by some time at Wodehouse's residence. Text of letter: "Dear Father Verrill, Thank you for your letter. I am so glad you have enjoyed my books. If ever you are down this way, do look me up. Yours Sincerely P. G. Wodehouse"(signature) Condition: Fine
LETTER to Richard Morrissey from P. G. Wodehouse, dated August 23, 1974, typed on personalized stationery, with the header :"Mr. P. G. Wodehouse Remsenburg Long Island, N.Y. 11960" On the top left of the page is a dachshund with a ball. Text of the letter reads: "Dear Mr. Morrissey, As far as I know, there is no Wodehouse Society. I shall be very flattered if you start one. Yours, P. G. Wodehouse" (signature) This letter was framed with an October 15, 1995 proclamation sent to to The New England Wodehouse Thingummy Society by Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston, proclaiming that day to be P.G.Wodehouse Day in the City of Boston. The framed documents were presented to the Vanderbilt Univeristy Librarian at the 2019 The Wodehouse Society Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The framed Proclamation and this letter are also listed in the Section W database.