Section S: Recordings on Vinyl and CD

Section S includes Vinyl Records or CDs including PGW Lyrics, Music with other PGW Relevance, and CDs of song compilations and Wodehouse related productions.

Consulting the Condition column in the database will indicate which items have been donated.

Donations of Wodehouse related items in this Section are most welcome. If you know of any relevant items not included in this database, we would appreciate your forwarding the information to us, or donation of same.

Table of Contents

Vinyl Records: Music including PGW Lyrics in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCond.DescriptionPublisher
SA1Sally1921 London ProductionMonmouth-Evergreen MES 7053
SA2Leave it to JaneN1959 Sheridan SquareStrand SL 1002
SA3Oh, Kay!Original Casts, UK, USRCA DPL1 0310, Smithsonian R 011
SA4Oh, Kay!Columbia AC1050
SA5Showboat1932 revivalColumbia AC55
SA6Showboat1936 movieXeno Records 251
SA7The Three Musketeers1930 London ProductionMonmouth-Evergreen MES 7050
SA8Anything GoesOriginal Casts, UK, USRCA DPM1 0284; Smithsonian R007
SA9Anything Goes1962 productionEpic FJS 15100
SA10The Theater Lyrics of P G WodehouseNSelection of songs and medleysFolkways FRS 601
SA11Jerome Kern in London 1914-1923Selection of songs and medleys, many PGWWorld Records (EMI) SHB 34
SA12Jerome Kern GemsSelection of medleysJJA19781
SA13Melodies of Jerome Kern Part 1Includes "Go Little Boat"AE 1168
SA14Helen Morgan SingsIncludes "Bill"Audio Rarities LPA 2330
SA15Fanny Brice/Helen MorganIncludes "Bill"RCA LPV-561
SA 16Cole Porter in LondonIncludes production of "Anything Goes"World Records (EMI) SHB 26
SA17Till the Clouds Roll ByMovie Sound TrackMetro M-578
SA18These Charming PeopleIncludes 3 PGW songsRCA ARL 1-2491
SA19Oh, Kay!1960 revival castFox 4003
SA20Oh, Kay!Columbia OS 2550
SA21Silver LiningsJerome Kern songs including 6 PGW lyricsArabesque 6515

Vinyl Records: Music with other PGW relevance in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCond.DescriptionPublisher
SB1Jeeves1975 MusicalMCA Records MCF2726
SB2A Damsel in DistressFilm SoundtrackCurtain Calls CC100/19

Vinyl Records: Other than Music in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCond.DescriptionPublisher
SC1Speaking PersonallyPGW Reading from Over Seventy, other sourcesArgo ZDA 1966 (1974)
SC2JeevesTwo stories read by Terry-Thomas, Roger LiveseyCaedmon TC 1137,1964; see 1989 cassette in Sec. RD.

CDs: Music including PGW Lyrics in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCond.DescriptionPublisher
SD1Very Good EddieN1977 ProductionDRG Records CDRG 6100
SD2Leave It To Jane/Oh, Kay!Oh, Kay! Is 1960 productions with 4 PGW lyricsStet 15017
SD3Sitting PrettyN1989 concert recordingNew World Records 80387-2
SD4Showboat1987 recordingEMI CDS 7 49108 2
SD5Anything Goes1988 recordingEMI CDC 7 49848 2
SD6Broadway Showstoppers1991 recording, includes 1918 version of "Bill"Angel CDC 7 54586 2
SD7Jerome Kern TreasuryIncludes "I'm So Busy" "Till The Clouds Roll By"Angel D 101715
SD8Anastasia--The Musical1998 recording includs "Brains" from "Betting on Bertie"Original Cat Records OC 9837
SD9The Girl I Knew (Lorna Dallas)Includes "London, Dear Old London" and "Nuts in May"Harbinger Records HCD 1501
SD10Sure Thing (Syvia McNair)Includes "The Land Where the Good Songs Go"Phillips 442 129-2 (1994)
SD11The Ultimate ShowboatIncludes 4 recordings of "Bill"Pearl GEMS 0060
SD12Music from the New York Stage 1890-1920, Vol. IIIIncludes "My Castle in the Air" "Napoleon"GEMM CDS 9056-8
SD13Music from the New York Stage 1890-1920, Vol. IVInc.Till the Clouds Roll By,You Never Knew About Me, Rolled Into OneGEMM CDS 9059-61
SD14Showboat1961 Film Soundtrack including outtake of "Bill"Turner R2 71998
SD16The Glory of Helen MorganIncludes "Bill"MCI MPMCD 003
SD17Feinstein Sings GershwinIncludes "Oh Gee, Oh Joy"Concord Jazz CCD-4849-2
SD18The Land Where the Good Songs Go16 new recordings of PGW lyrics by Hal Zazalet and Sylvia McNairHarbinger Records HCD 1901
SD19Jerome Kern Revisited 1Includes "You Never Knew About Me"Painted Smiles Records PSCD 113
SD20Jerome Kern Revisited 2Inc. Oh Boy med.,Worries, Oh, Lady! Lady! med.,The Enchanted TrainPainted Smiles Records PSCD 111
SD21Jerome Kern Revisited 3Includes "Tulip Time in Sing-Sing" "The Land Where Good Songs Go"Painted Smiles Records PSCD 134

CDs: Music with other PGW relevance in McIlvaine Addendum

McIlvaine #TitleCond.DescriptionPublisher
SE1Jerome Kern Overtures1988 inc.Leave it to Jane, Have a Heart, Oh, Lady, Lady!, Sitting PrettyEMI CDC 7 49630 2
SE2Oh, Kay!1957 Studio cast recording including 1926 and 1949 tracksSony SK 60703
SE3Oh, Kay!NOrchestra of St. Luke'sNonesuch 7559-79361-2
SE4By JeevesOriginal live recordingPolydor 531 723-2
SE5By JeevesRecording with Narrative including "Love's Maze"Polydor 533 187-2
SE6By JeevesRecording with Narrative including "Wooster Will Entertain You"Polydor 31453 7184 2

Recordings Produced Post-Addendum or Not in Mclvaine or Addendum

In Our Little Paradise Songs of P.G. Wodehouse 1904-1928N2011 CD 18 PGW Songs, Maria Jette, Dan ChouinardWolseley Recordings
The Siren's Song: Wodehouse and Kern on BroadwayN2014 CD 21 PGW and Kern Songs, Maria Jette, Dan ChouinardWolseley Recordings
Light Opera of New York presents Jerome Kern's SallyN2016 CD May 1916 Live Cast and Ensemble PerformanceAlbany Records
Jeeves*NTwo stories read by Terry-Thomas, Roger Livesey, cast*Caedmon TC 1137, 1989 cass. of SC2 is in Section RD