Section T: Television

(Database Forthcoming)

In order to represent the numerous Wodehouse-related items produced for television, the Collection database has added the new Section T: Television. There is no intention to present this as an authorized Section addendum to the McIlvaine Bibliography.

In order that the Collection databases be consistent throughout, this Section follows the McIlvaine practice of grouping similar items into an appropriately labeled Section.

The television productions in the database fall into these categories: Television Series, Television Feature Films, Anthology Episodes, Specials, Documentaries and Interviews.

The majority of these are rare, with no known extant copies. However, some of the television series have been produced in DVD sets. We will be interested in those and any other authorized recordings of the listed productions. Consulting the format column will indicate which of these items have been donated.

If you know of any English language items produced for television that are not listed in this database, your forwarding of that information, or donation of same, would be most welcome.