Section U: Ephemera and Collectibles

(Database Forthcoming)

This Section includes items of interest that don’t fall into the categories of other Sections.

The range of possible items is broad and diverse. Examples of similar items can be seen in the McIlvaine Bibliography, pages 423-449, Appendix I: Checklist of a Major Private Collection.

Items that will be considered for acceptance include: artwork, photographs, typescripts, galleys, exhibition publications, theater programs and bills, advertisements of books, theater flyers, posters and other products, ephemera such as postcards, cigarette cards, bookmarks, invitations, and other Wodehouse related items.

Due to the unique nature and wide range of possible donations, items for this Type B database will be accepted for the Collection on a case-by-case basis and will be listed when donated.

Three interesting examples of donations in this category:

Poster, 13.5 X 20.5 inches, Published by Penguin, commemorating Wodehouse’s life. Large photograph of Wodehouse at his typewriter with “1881-1975” on green field. At the top is an arched banner “P. G. Wodehouse” and at the bottom is “I am writing musical comedy without the music.”

The Crime Wave at Blandings First edition of the short story in the Penguin Mini Modern Classics. 11 X 16 cm. paperback book. Published in 2011 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Modern Classics. Penguin published fifty “Mini Modern Classics of the very best short fiction by writers” which included this short story by P. G. Wodehouse.

Mam’zelle Milliard, DVD of Pathe Baby 9.5mm Silent Film No. 739 of 1924. This is an abridged version (with French intertitles) of the 1919 Pathe Exchange Film A Damsel in Distress, based on the book by P. G. Wodehouse. Film historian Brian Taves states that there is no copy of the film either in the Library of Congress collection or, to the best of his knowledge, anywhere else in the world.