Section V: Journals and Newsletters

(Database Forthcoming)

This section is devoted to the Journals, Newsletters and Supplements published by The Wodehouse Society. It includes listings for the full run of Comments in Passing and Plum Lines through the present date and will be updated periodically. It indicates which of those issues have been donated to the Collection thus far. It also indicates which occasional supplements have been donated.

The TWS quarterly journal began in August 1980 as a small bi-monthly newsletter entitled Comments in Passing. There were occasional supplements of scholarly articles and essays related to Wodehouse and his works.

After the first six issues, in September of 1981, the title was changed to Plum Lines. In 1985, the frequency of publication was changed to quarterly, designated as February, May, August and November. Beginning in 1990, the issues were designated by season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Over time, the method of production went from xerox/mimeo to print shop quality beginning with the Summer 1994 issue. The size of the journal increased over time and the occasional supplements were incorporated into the issues. The first newsletter was a single sheet. Issues of the past several years have been 24 pages in length.

It is notable that for many years now, scholarly research articles and essays comprise the largest proportion of pages in each issue, followed by chapter activities and news items.

The Plum Lines journals, Comments in Passing newsletters, and occasional supplements provide a chronology of the founding and growth of The Wodehouse Society in the United States, its activities, conventions and chapters across the country.

While the scholarly articles in these publications are much shorter than full-length volumes about Wodehouse and his work, they are equally important in the full body of research, understanding and enjoyment by fans and scholars of Wodehouse. The ongoing researches update and broaden the scope of what is known about Wodehouse and the canon. The Plum Lines quarterly journal carries the Wodehouse banner forward into the future.

We will be interested in acquiring the issues of Comments in Passing, Plum Lines and any occasional supplements that have not been collected thus far.