Section W: The Wodehouse Society

This section is devoted to records and items related to The Wodehouse Society: The Tome (the historical chronological record of The Society) organizational and policy documents, proclamations, letters, convention information and other items from the files of the Society.

Catalog of Wodehouse BooksBertie Books Catalogue #5, February 1987 Cover (page 1) features a reproduced letter from Wodehouse: P. G. Wodehouse Remsenburg New York 11960 June 3.1969 Dear Miss Shambler, Thank you for your letter. I am so glad you have enjoyed my books. There will be a new Blandings Castle coming out in August, and I am now trying to think out another plot and having my usual difficulty. I am sorry to say I have sent out the last of my photographs. When I get a new lot, I will send you one. Yours sincerely P. G. Wodehouse (This item, on PGW stationery with envelope listed at $400.00) Pages 2-5 contain books, magazines and sheet music for sale. First Editions ranging from $16.00 to $1,1000.00. 6 pp.
Catalog of Wodehouse BooksNigel Williams (Books) P.G.Wodehouse, Wodehouse Catalogue Two January, 1992 Lists 363 items for sale, first editions in dustwrappers ranging from 5-1295 pounds. Centerfold features “On the 100th Birthday of P. G. Wodehouse” a poem by Gavin Ewart, copyright 1984. Front and back covers in color, 26 pp.
Commemorative Publication"A Celebration of The Wodehouse Society on the Occasion of Its 40th Anniversary" by Elin Woodger, published by The Wodehouse Society, 2019. 24 pp. Inside front cover is the original Constitution of The Wodehouse Society, inside back cover is the current Constitution. Back cover shows 11 photographs from various conventions. Condition: New
Convention ItemPolicies of the Wodehouse Society, 19 October, 1985, 1 pg. TWS Convention Business Meeting Agenda, 2 pp. Organizational Chart of TWS 1 pg.
Convention ItemIn commemoration of The Fourth International Convention of the Wodehouse Society, copy of four pages C 1-C 4 issued with Plum Lines, Vol. VIII No. 4: A Proclamation from the Office of The Mayor of San Francisco, declaring August 15, 1987 to be P.G. Wodehouse Day in San Francisco, 1 pg.; Banquet Program of the 4th International Convention of The Wodehouse Society, listing Wecome, Dinner Presentation of Prizes, Tribute to Capt. Bill Blood, The Woodhouse Legacy (Opportunity for readings, quotations, toasts, observations) Featured Speaker Alex Hemming, Dulwich College alumni organization, and Farewell, 1 pg.; An Eyewitness Account of the Fourth International Convention of the Wodehouse Society August 14, 1987, 2pp.
Convention ItemP.G. Wodehouse and Human Relations, by Rev. James A. Carruth, read at Convention, October 19, 1985, 4 pp.
Convention ItemPresident's Letter informing TWS members of plans for a biennial meeting at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, October 19, 1985, Copy of page S-5 from a Supplement to Plum Lines, Vol. VI, No.2, reverse is S-6, Pt. 2 Trivia Quiz
Convention ItemMemo to Registrants of 1985 Convention, from Robert a. Hall, Jr., Program description, 1 pg.
Convention ItemProclamation from Dianne Feinstein, Mayor of San Francisco, declaring August 15th, 1987 to be P. G. Wodehouse Day in San Francisco, (The Fourth International Convention of the Wodehouse Society) On reverse side: Banquet Program, 2 pp.
Convention ItemTWS Second International Convention folder 15 October 1983, containing: Historical and Architectural Walking Tour of Doylestown, PA.; Map to 82 Evergreen Drive (Fine Fettle)(Home of Mary and Bill Blood); Convention Program: Luncheon at Doylestown Inn, Agenda, Discusssions, Dinner at Missy’s Inn, Letter of Greeting from Lady Wodehouse, Reading of Edward Cazalet’s “An Appreciation of P. G. Wodehouse” Round Table readings from the Master, Group Singing. Convention Agenda, Lyric Sheets for “Till the Clouds Roll By” “Bill”. Organizational and responsibility chart published in June, 1981. Pamphlet--Historical Tours of Bucks County. Pamphlet--The Mercer Museum. 1 Folder, 8 pp. 2 Pamphlets
Convention ItemDelaware Valley Chapter, The Wodehouse Society, 2.25”x 8.5” clipping from Vol. III No.2 March 1982 Comments in Passing newsletter announcing a meeting at the home of Bill and Mary Blood, March 28th, 1982 to exchange ideas for July convention. Hand drawn map at bottom. 1 pg.
LetterLetter from William W. Blood to Mrs. G. Theodore Burkett, 9 December 1981, informing her of the sending of New Members Packet, noting that "our Montreal instigator had conferred an honorary membership on Edward Duke when his show was playing there", that the only other honorary member was Lady Ethel Wodehouse, and that the IRS had conferred a tax-exempt status on the Society.
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from TWS President William W. to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, Clarence House, London SW1, United Kingdom, 23 March, 1988, informing her that "By unanimous vote, Your Highness has been elected to Honoroary Membership in The Wodehouse Society.
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from Martin Gilliat, Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Clarence House, S.W.1 to Mr. Blood, 15th April 1988, informing him that "I am asked by The Queen Mother to tell you with what pleasure she accepts this suggestion, and how grateful she would be to receive the Society's newsletters and any other publications from time to time."
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from Martin Gilliat, Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Clarence House, S.W.1 to Mr. [Richard] Usborne, 15th April 1988, requesting that Mr. Usborne, as Honorary President of TWS, if he would let the Society know that "it will necessarily not be possible for The Queen Mother to take an active part in their affairs, nor should Her Majesty becoming a member receive any publicity."
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from William W. Blood to Nancie Burkett (TWS membership chair) April 24th, 1988 "Our latest member!" and suggesting honorary members be placed first on the TWS membership list.
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from Bill [William W. Blood] to Nancie [Burkett] 25 Apr 88, informing her that he has inquired of R. Usborne if placing The Queen Mother's name on the TWS membership list would be considered "publicity."
Letter re Queen Mother's TWS MembershipLetter from Richard Usborne to Bill Blood, May 16th 1988, informing Mr. Blood of The Queen Mother's upcoming "unveiling a placque to Plum on a Mayfair building which was their hose in the 1930's" suggesting that be used for an upcoming Plum Lines story, in which he "at the same time, can announce that she has graciously accepted Honoroary Membership of the Society." On the bottom of that letter, Bill WWB {William W. Blood] informs Nancie Burkett that regarding publicity related to The Queen Mother's membership, "we may now proceed with a certain amount of impunity." Letter lists other honorary members: Father James A Carruth, Joseph Connolly, Florence Cunningham, Dr. Robert A. Hall, Jr., Lt. Col. N.T.P. Murphy, Richard Usborne, etc. "
Logo Sketches"The Great Logo/Insigne/Symbol Contest is still in progress" requesting entries. Half page clipping from Plum Lines, Vol. IV No.2. Three small sketches in red of possible logo at bottom margin to left and right of OM signature.
Logo SketchSketch on half page, in black ink, depicting a ribbon banner with the wording "THE WODEHOUSE SOCIETY" with center section (WODEHOUSE) in larger size lettering than THE or SOCIETY
Membership Correspondence17 Documents: Letters and membership lists, address changes. 16 sent to Nancie Burkett, TWS membership chair, 1 sent to Katie [KT] by William W. Blood and Ed Ratcliffe, 1987-1988
Newspaper ClippingThe Philadephia Inquirer, Books/Leisure section, Sunday, June 13, 1982 Book review of P.G. Wodehouse A Biography by Frances Donaldson, “No matter, ‘Plum’ remains the saint” reviewed by Martin Kirby 2 pp.
Newspaper ClippingTime, May 4, 1981, Book review of P.G.Wodehouse by David A. Jasen 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentThe Wodehouse Society Handbook (label) on cover of Accopress Pressboard folder. Contains the following documents: Policies, Organizational Chart, TWS--How it Works
TWS Organizational DocumentPolicies of The Wodehouse Society (dues, spouses policy, SOPS, conventions) 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentOrganizational Chart (International co-ordinating facility, National co-ordinating agencies, Chapters, responsibilities of each 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentThe Wodehouse Society—How it Works (Advisory Board, President/Vice President, duties of 1. Editor/Publisher Plum Lines, 2. Financial Secretary, 3. Computer Data Point, members holding these positions 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentThe Constitution of The Wodehouse Society 5 paragraphs stating: TWS to be “an association of agreeable human beings sharing and admiration for Plum”; striving to keep the legacy in the public mind; encouraging educational institutions to include Plum in curricula; encourage chapters in all countries…; assignment of assets upon dissolution. 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentTHE WODEHOUSE SOCIETY Orgsnization: [sic] 3 paragraphs stating: “TWS will function through autonomous chapters dedicated to Statement of Purpose”; Membership requirements; Chapter rules and dues, programs and projects; TWS as a central body to coordinate activities of chapters, provide informational services; TWS “organization, functions and responsibilities shall be determined by chapters in representative conference.” 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentTHE WODEHOUSE SOCIETY Statement of Purpose: 5 paragraphs stating TWS to be “an association of agreeable human beings sharing and admiration for Plum,” striving to keep the legacy in the public mind; encouraging educational institutions to include Plum in curricula, encourage chapters in all countries…; promotion of exhibits and symposia; acknowledgement of fine writers of humor, but holding that “the works of Sir Pelham are inimitable, unique in the history of literature.” 1 pg.
TWS Organizational DocumentTHE WODEHOUSE SOCIETY 7 paragraphs on ivory Classic Laid fine paper, brown ink. Informational page sent to prospective members. Paragraphs 1-5 from Statement of Purpose. Paragraphs 6-7 declare TWS as non-profit tax-exempt, state dues, give instructions for membership application. Rubber stamped in black at bottom “The Wodehouse Society 82 Evergreen Drive New Britain, PA 18901 1 pg. (2 copies)
Proclamation & Letter, FramedProclamation was presented to The New England Wodehouse Thingummy Society(NEWTS) by Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston. Excerpt: "Whereas: The Wodehouse Society is celebrating the 114th anniversary of P.G. Wodehouse's birth by holding their bi-annual convention in Boston: NOW Therefore, I, Thomas Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby proclaim Sunday, October 15, 1995 to be P.G. Wodehouse Day in the City of Boston and I urge all my fellow Bostonians to join me in recognizing this truly outstanding individual and special event for their contribution in adding to the quality of life in our City" Letter was sent to Richard Morrissey from P. G. Wodehouse, dated August 23, 1974, typed on personalized stationery, with the header :"Mr. P. G. Wodehouse Remsenburg Long Island, N.Y. 11960". On the top left of the page is a dachshund with a ball. Text of the letter reads: "Dear Mr. Morrissey, As far as I know, there is no Wodehouse Society. I shall be very flattered if you start one. Yours, P. G. Wodehouse" (signature) Both documents (matted, together in one frame) were presented to the Vanderbilt University Librarian at the 2019 The Wodehouse Society Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The framed letter and proclamation are also listed in the Section N database.
Proclamation & Letter Donation/Acceptance StatementsRelated to above framed letter and proclamation: Donation statement by Patricia Floss, July 13, 2002, and Acceptance statement by Anne Cotton, July 13, 2002. Statements confirm that donation was made "in memory of Richard H. Morrissey and donated by the NEWTS to the Wodehouse Society for the future appreciation of Wodehouse aficionados."
ProclamationExcerpt: "Whereas The Wodehouse Society will celebrate the 114th anniversary of P. G. Wodehouse's birth during its biannual convention being held in Boston on October 22, 1995...Now, Therefore, I, William F. Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim October 15, 1995 as P.G. Wodehouse Day and urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance."
ProclamationExcerpt: "Whereas, The Wodehouse Society (TWS), dedicated to the celebration and promulgation of the life and works of British writer P.G. Wodehouse, is holding its biennial convention in the city of Providence, hosted by its New England chapter--the New England Wodehouse Thingummy Society (NEWTS)...Now, Therefore, Do I, David N. Cicilline, Mayor of the City of Providence, Hereby Proclaim Monday, October 15, 2007 P.G. Wodehouse Day in the City of Providence."
The Tome, Volume 1Chronological Historical Records 1980-2005 of The Wodehouse Society, comprised of Bill Blood's initial March 1980 promotion of the Society and call for members in the AB-Bookman's Weekly, early membership lists, letters, pictures of members, invitations, publicity, several letters and cards from Lady Ethel Wodehouse, "Comments in Passing" newsletter, early organizational and policy documents, convention information, pictures, programs and attendee lists, playbills, proclamations, book reviews, newspaper clippings and articles, dedications of PGW placques, letters from TWS members: Edward Cazalet, David A. Jasen, Richard Usborne et al, clippings about prominent members. 284+ pages, bound, 14.5 x 9.5 x 5". Presented to Vanderbilt University Librarian at the 2019 TWS Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio by then TWS President Willaim Scrivener.